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Got problems?

The word “sustainability” is
overused & communicating
impact in simple terms is
getting harder.

To stand out & build trust
through a marketplace is
next to impossible.

Turning “likes” into sales is
easily lost between social
media and marketplaces.

So who is Cando for?


Designers &

Redesign &

High Quality
& Timeless

Fair & Ethical

Green &

Benefits for brands.

  • Grow your Community

    Cando is a growing community of Impact shoppers, by being on Cando app you can easily reach your target audience, that is already searching for businesses like yours.

  • We have simplified the communication of sustainability impact & values for your business. With the information you provide us, earn a badge & easily build trust with a wider audience.

  • Allow checkouts from your Cando feed. If you have an online store or not, we help individuals & businesses save on tech costs and focus on what you do best.

  • Have your own voice to tell your own story. Cando is a storytelling platform. Where you have your own voice.

  • We allow our community to track and control their environmental footprint. Ask us how your business can lead the revolution to responsible consumerism.

  • A community is all about communication, feedback & collaborations. Connect with your community and receive feedback or create collaborations with Candoers, the Cando creators.

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